Packaging Innovation


angle-post-board_2384Nagel Paper continues to engineer new and innovative solutions for unmet needs in a variety of industries. In addition to our ingenuity, our ability to modify paper packaging gives us a greater benefit that allows us to further execute your needs.  We have over 1,000 individual sizes of tooling, and if we don’t have it…we can make it!

Our unique approach to product development starts with the solution, and then generates a product to meet those needs.  We can design the products, machinery and testing procedures to meet your unique needs.

Nagel Paper continues to bring new packaging solutions all while giving you a great value for your investment. Contact us today to learn more about your best option in product packaging and protection. We look forward to working with you.


Nagel Paper offers many great options to add value to your products.  From printing, to wraps we can customize our products to meet your exact needs.  Unlimited feature combinations allows for the perfect solution to your packaging.

  • Profile Products: 
    • Anglepost
      • Thousands of pounds axial compression strength
      • Engineered to your specifications
    • Edge Board
      • Leg Lengths: 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5” 3” & 4”
      • Thickness: 0.050” – 0.450”
      • Lengths: 1” – 240”
    • U-Board
    • Flat Laminations 
  • Canisters-group_2401Canisters
    • Food & Beverage, Retail & Industrial, Coin Banks & Telescoping
    • End Closures
      • Paper Caps or Plugs (for a 100% paper canister)
      • Seamed (metal tins)
      • Plastic (plugs or caps)
    • Liners & Wraps
      • Full color convolute wrap
      • Color Litho Wrap
      • Glassine Liner & Wrap
      • Silicone Liner & Wrap
      • Multi-color direct to container printing 
  • Tubes & Cores
    • Inside Diameter: 0.750” – 24”
    • Wall Thickness: 0.030” – 0.625”
    • Length: ½” – 53 feet
    • custom_2351Custom Options
      • Slitting
      • Notching and punching
    • End Closures
      • Crimped
      • Paper Caps
      • Plastic
    • Liners & Wraps
      • Color litho wrap
        • Stock colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Black, Blue & White
        • Custom PMS colors available quickly
      • Glassine liner & wrap
      • Silicone liner & wrap
      • Water resistant wrap
    • Printing
      • 1, 2 or 3 color logos
      • Digital in-line printing
      • Date or ID Marking 
  • specialty-caps_2256Specialty
    • Paper Caps & Plugs
      • Over 100 stock sizes
      • Custom sizes available
      • Options
        • Punching
        • Printing
        • Colors
    • Package Design & Build
      • Custom design, testing and manufacturing of a complete package.
    • Die Cutting
      • Chip Board
      • Corrugated
    • Fulfilment
      • Add your product to our packages and let us take care of the rest!
    • Spools
      • All paper spools
      • Metal and plastic end spools


Our manufacturing process includes comprehensive testing to ensure that our products surpass our customer requirements. 

Our raw material supply is checked thoroughly to ensure proper processing and a quality product. These tests include: COBB water absorption test, basis weight, caliper (paper thickness), and tensile strength. 

Finished goods go through an extensive testing procedure during their manufacturing process.  From in-process quality and performance checks, to off-line lab testing, the Nagel Paper team is proud of the products we produce.