Anglepost™ – Engineered Product Protectangle-post_2369ion

Nagel Paper is pleased to announce a new approach to product packaging and protection. Anglepost™ is a revolutionary, high-strength and patented design, engineered to reduce both product damage and cost.

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angle-post-board_2384L-Pro – Edge Protector 

Nagel Paper offers L-Pro corner and edge-protection solutions, to protect product during shipping, handling and storage. Edge-protectors are great for unitizing loads, providing strapping protection, and more. They may be customized to best suit your needs, using a variety of options.

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U-Pro – U Profile – Coming soon!

Nagel Paper U-Pro packaging products provide a cost-effective and durable option for shipping long, narrow products.  Additionally, they are perfect for edge protection around windows, doors, etc. Both lightweight and strong, our U-Pro packaging products provide superior beam strength for the toughest jobs.

I-Pro – Flat Laminations – Coming Soon!

Nagel Paper F-Pro packaging products provide a cost-effective, durable option for flat laminations.  They are great for mounting products in a package, adding both stiffness and product protection.  The F-Pro lamination is a great alternative to wood – it is lightweight, reliable, and requires no heat treatment for export.