specialty-caps_2259Paper Cap & Plug

We offer a large variety of specialty end closure options based upon your preferences. Tubes can be closed in a variety of ways to meet any specification.

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Package Design & Build

Having a large quantity of product on hand means we are able to quickly and efficiently deliver the products that you need. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a quick turn-around with unsurpassed design and build.

Our Package Design & Build capabilities will be in direct correlation of your needs. Nagel continues to produce practical options for packaging. We listen to our customer’s needs and deliver a packaging option that acts as your first line of marketing for your product. We understand that countless amounts of time that goes into developing your product. Let us add to your success by supplying packaging that gives your product the functionality it needs or final WOW factor.

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Die Cutting


Nagel Paper offers custom die-cut products made to your specifications.  From chipboard, corrugated, plastic, rubber, gasket or other materials we can provide the solution for your product needs.  We specialize in custom design and manufacture of any shape die-cut product.  We utilize steel rule dies for the most accurate and repeatable products.

We service a variety of industries, including: automotive, industrial masking, power tools, defense and more.

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With fulfilment by Nagel Paper, we will design a package, pack and ship your orders for you!  Take the hassle out of distribution and let the packaging experts reinvent your distribution system.

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Nagel Paper manufactures high quality paper spools for labels, ribbon, gaskets, felt and many other industries.  Our spools can be produced with metal end caps, all paper configurations, corrugated and chipboard ends.  We can also custom die-cut windows and other openings into the spool ends.

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