Film & Converting Cores

Nagel Paper produces converting cores for a wide range of industries, including: paper, composites, textile, film, poly, rubber, foam, roofing, carpet, printing, strapping, labeling, and more. Our manufacturing team maintains a full lab, with test equipment always ready to verify and create products matched to your requirements. Moisture content, axial crush, flat crush, beam strength, straightness and concentricity are just several of the tests that we perform. We produce cores from first-quality, mill-grade materials. Our consistency and reliability – coupled with the quality of our materials and our ability to meet your specifications – have made us into the industry leaders that we are today.

  • Designed to customer specifications:
    • Inside Diameter: 0.750” – 24”
    • Wall Thickness: 0.030” – 0.625”
    • Length: ½” – 53 ft.
  • Custom Options
    • Slitting
    • Notching and Punching
  • Liners & Wraps
    • Color Litho-wrap
      • Stock colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Black, Blue & White
      • Custom colors available quickly
    • Glassine Liner & Wrap
    • Silicone Liner & Wrap
    • Water-resistant Wrap
    • Black and White Liners
  • Exterior finish
    • Butt-gap
    • Overlap Finish

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