Food & Beverage


Tea canisters, cookies, candy, and more! Are you looking for a recyclable option to house your tasty confectioneries or drinks? Our customizable canisters are perfect for your wares.

Nagel continues to produce both practical and beautiful options for liquor and wine packaging. We listen carefully to our customers’ needs, and deliver packaging options that act as “first lines of marketing” for their products. We can craft your product to your specifications, or utilize the in-house services that we provide to help support your product.

We also offer a large variety of specialty end-closure options, based on your preferences. Canisters may be closed in a variety of ways, to meet any specifications:

  • Seamed Ends
  • Plastic Plugs
  • Paper Ends
  • Friction-fit Metal Ends
  • Embossed Metal Ends

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