Packaging Innovation

angle-post-board_2384Nagel Paper continues to engineer new and innovative solutions for unmet needs, across a variety of industries. In addition to our ingenuity, our ability to modify paper packaging sets us above the rest – allowing us to efficiently and effectively execute your needs in ways that exceed all expectations. We maintain 1,000+ individual sizes of tooling – and if we don’t have it, we can make it!

Our unique approach to product development begins by acknowledging a need, and developing products that go above and beyond simply filling it. We design the products, machinery and testing procedures required to meet and exceed expectations.

Nagel Paper continues to bring new packaging solutions to the table, all while providing you with a great value for your investment. Contact us today to learn more about your best options in both product packaging and protection. We look forward to working with you!

3 Mechanisms of Innovation:
  • New solutions.
    • example:  Anglepost™
      • Years ago, our team of engineers recognized the need for advanced product-protection, coupled with industry-leading axial-compression strength. Out of this need comes Anglepost™, a revolutionary system that enables higher stacking, for longer periods of time. Anglepost™ can be engineered to your exact specifications, to fit the most demanding of stacking and packaging needs.

  • Improving existing technologies.
    • example:  Steel-coil Protectors
      • In the past, the production of steel-coil protectors was an incredibly labor-intensive task – one that was in need of improvement. Recognizing this, our team went to work, and developed a steel-coil protection system that greatly reduces both labor and costs, while maximizing production time to service customers quickly and efficiently. We didn’t “reinvent the wheel”  – we improved it.

  • Innovating product delivery systems.
    • example: Kitting
      • Going above and beyond for the customer is foundational to our business. Our kitting process is a testament to this principle, as it was developed solely with the customer’s benefit in mind. By producing and packaging individual parts into singular, organized units, we cut down both hassle and inefficiency for our customers. At Nagel Paper, we strive to provide products and services with the best values – and of the highest qualities – in the business, and our kitting process is just one example of this goal at work.


Our manufacturing process includes comprehensive testing to ensure that our products surpass our customers’ requirements.

Our raw material supply is thoroughly evaluated to ensure the proper processing and quality of the product. These evaluations include Cobb water-absorption, basis weight, caliper (paper thickness), tensile-strength, and ring-crush tests.

Finished goods go through an extensive testing procedure during the manufacturing process. As a result of these many quality and performance checks (performed both during and after manufacture), our products are consistently and efficiently produced at very high standards. The Nagel Paper team is proud of its products, and that reflects in our wide range of capabilities.